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Where Is Solar Energy Power Headed in Las Vegas Nevada? 

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. And at the pace that the population is growing there's no way that energy power could be sustained. That's why solar energy in Las Vegas is so crucial. Otherwise power problems will start to have interruption just like in California. And let's face it we are not used to that in Las Vegas. 

The good news is that with the solar energy panel programs out there we have much hope that most homes will likely be on solar energy in Las Vegas by 2040. In fact, some people would say that homes with solar energy systems in Las Vegas by 2035 should be in the 75% range. 

solar energy las vegas. 

In the news- 

The White House not long ago released a report showing the United States can reach up to 40% of its electricity needs by solar energy power by 2035, a significant rise from where it is today. And although that would be great some of us think that with the rising cost of energy we will likely be somewhere around 50-75% if we educate the consumer properly. In places like Las Vegas Nevada where we have weather that would be beneficial to the consumer year round we should do all that is possible to push for Las Vegas solar energy programs. 

A top rated solar energy power company in Las Vegas says if the Biden administration wants to get to their goals faster they should offer places like Las Vegas that have sunny days 90% of the time an additional rebate programs for all the solar energy power panels consumers.

SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas another top rated Las Vegas solar energy panel distributor points out that currently you could get up to 26% tax savings on your solar energy purchase but imagine where the consumer would be if you took it to 40% tax cut savings. Or maybe offer a special government financing programs at no interest. Some companies that distribute solar energy panel systems in Las Vegas say the difference between how many solar systems are being sold today compare to how many should be sold is far number from each other. Specially when you see how much the consumer can save in the long run, it should be a no brainer. 

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Live by example- 

Something that should have been done long ago to show the U.S. consumer that the solar energy power systems are the way to the future as well as the pocket book is to have every federal building, local government buildings, and all military bases move to solar energy power. It's hard to tell the world move to solar energy panels when the government has not fully done so. And let's not forget the amount of solar energy just on those buildings alone would offer a huge help to the environment.  

In Las Vegas solar energy is somewhere around 5% to 10% of the homes on the west of the I-15 highway, but when you look at the solar energy system on homes on the east of I-15 it could be somewhere around 2% to 5%. This is because getting a solar energy system is still not easily financed to the lower-class as it is the meddle-class (and higher).

So what can be done- 

A program that would allow anyone who owns a home in Las Vegas who hasn't fallen behind on their home payments and can show that it would lower their monthly expenses should automatically qualify for a solar energy panel system in Las Vegas

Benefits of Using Solar Energy Power in Las Vegas Nevada. 

​- Solar Energy Will Reduce Your Monthly Power Bill.

​​- High Energy Production During Daytime When You Need It Most. 

- ​Help The Planet Stay Healthy. 

- If More Homes Has a Solar Energy in Las Vegas It Would Be More Unlikely To Have Blackouts or Shortages Of Power. 

​- Creating New Jobs In Las Vegas. 

​- Getting Solar Energy In Las Vegas Where The Weather Is So Amazing Would Be A Great Return On Your Money. 


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