What should I know about solar power energy? 

​  The idea of harnessing energy from the sun is not new, in fact Leonardo da Vinci had the same thought in the 15th century. But it was only until recently that solar energy power was made affordable. In all reality solar energy panels were so expensive that just ten years ago they were priced three times more than todays cost.

  A solar power panel company in Port St Lucie Florida called Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St Lucie was explaining that there was so much that had to take place in order for the consumers to be able to buy todays solar panels as we know them. The biggest problem was that even if the consumer wanted to dish out the money for solar power the warranty coverage just wasn't there. And now you have companies like Fidelity Solar Energy in Port Saint Lucie Florida offering solar power systems with 25 year warranty. It's also worth noting that solar panels systems have just about no maintenance. 

  The efficiency of solar power panels are so much better today that we constantly hear that solar panels do not need direct sunlight to work. And though maximum productivity is come to when the sun is shining on a bright day, electricity is still gathered and created on cloudy day as well. In fact we were told by a local solar power panel energy company in Port St Lucie Florida that they have customers that have just about no power bills with their well-designed systems. 

  ​Another thing to think about is if your solar power system has an integrated battery system you could avoid blackouts for a period of time. A company known as Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St Lucie tells us that more people are buying backup batteries when purchasing solar power systems in Port St Lucie Florida than ever before. 

  You can stop the rising electricity rates by installing solar energy panels on your home or business. And yes this is absolutely true, once you bought a solar power energy system you will no longer need to pay for the kilowatts you gather. This means that when other people are paying per kilowatt you are collecting yours with a system you already purchased. Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St Lucie offers their solar power panels consumers a free estimate with what they should expect with their future power bill. 

Things That Can Help You Decide If Solar Power System Are For You.

​Solar power is more affordable today - Solar panels are much more efficient today.

​Avoid some of the blackouts With integrated Batteries.

​Stop the rising cost of electricity rates - Tax advantages may be available.

If you're looking for a solar power system in Port St Lucie Florida you can get a free no obligation consultation with Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St Lucie. Their local solar energy company in Port Saint Lucie Florida promises a no stress consultation with a free analysis that would allow the consumer to know in advance what to expect of the solar energy panels system as well as what kind of power bill to anticipate in the future.

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